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At Uniquely Cats® Veterinary Center, we believe that truly excellent feline medicine must involve caring for the WHOLE cat as an individual being — not just an ear or a lump, and not as “a case of” a particular illness.  We believe that excellent care requires understanding the cause of a problem, and that medicating a cat without first understanding a problem often does more harm than good.  We employ therapeutic modalities from Western and Eastern medicine alike in a “Wholistic” approach to providing the most effective care for our kitty patients and their parents too!

Wellness Care
Cats are masters at hiding illness; many apparently “normal” cats are concealing serious disorders.  To assure your cat’s continued well-being, we advocate regular health evaluations, including full history analysis, examinations, laboratory screening tests, nutritional reviews, and immunity evaluations.  Our extended appointment times and comfortable surroundings make providing this service a pleasure for everyone.

Feline heart health

Feline-Specific Nutrition
At UCVC, we believe that a carnivore-appropriate diet is the foundation of excellent feline health.  Nutritional care is at the heart of everything else we do. We can help you find the right food for your cat and assist you through the dietary transition period.   We do not stock or recommend any of the so-called “prescription diets.”

Cats are obligate carnivores. Visit your cat veterinarian for more infoamtion

Client Education
At UCVC, we believe that the foundation of all effective feline medical care is full understanding on the part of the cat parent.  Our single most important job is to give you the tools to make informed healthcare decisions for your cat.

Booking an appointment with your cat veterinarian

Feline-Friendly Environment
Everything we are and do, from hospital design to touch techniques, is to create for your cat (and you!) a veterinary experience as stress-free as possible.

Medical Boarding
Does your cat need regular medications or special monitoring?  We provide Medical Boarding that includes veterinary attention as needed during your cat’s stay.  Travel worry-free, knowing that your cat is being cared for by loving and knowledgeable professionals.

Advanced Diagnostics
UCVC provides full laboratory capabilities, advanced digital radiology, ophthalmology, blood pressure testing, and more.  Diagnostic testing allows us to detect many illnesses that a physical examination cannot find.

Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
Heal your cat with Laser Therapy. An FDA-cleared modality that reduces inflammation and pain and speeds healing. It’s been scientifically proven to be successful in treating post-surgical pain and many acute and chronic conditions including arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, periodontal disease and more.

A critical diagnostic tool, echocardiograms help our doctors understand the functioning of your Feline Companion’s heart allowing them to provide medical recommendations targeted to the specific physiology of your cat.

Performed by a trained ultrasound specialist, ultrasound diagnostics allow our doctors to identify many concerns without the need for more invasive diagnostics.

Feline-Exclusive Boarding
Our UCVC Kitty Hotel is the ONLY Feline-Exclusive Boarding facility in Boulder, CO! Specially designed for cat boarding (and entirely without the sight, smell and sound of dogs!), our Kitty Hotel has multi-level suites with private litter rooms, a huge flat screen monitor playing Kitty TV for mental stimulation, advanced airflow design that eliminates odors from each suite, and plenty of personal attention!

We are expert at both evaluating our feline patients for anesthetic safety and at providing safe anesthesia.  All anesthetic events carry risk; we work diligently to assess this, and to design anesthetic protocols for each patient which minimize risk and maximize safety; and to provide you with the tools to make decisions based on an informed risk/benefit assessment.

Weight Management
Successful weight loss management for overweight cats nearly always requires regular weighings. (Visual assessments are notoriously inaccurate!)

Because we passionately believe in the crucial importance of achieving a healthy body weight to the lifetime health of your cat, we offer in-clinic weighing services free of charge to established patients.

Dental Care
Most cats will need dental care during their lives. Our fully-equipped, state of the art Feline Dental Suite (including digital dental radiology) is a calm and peaceful place to provide it.  We are dedicated to excellent, thorough, safe and pain-free dental care for your cat.

Chronic Disease Management
Effective management of chronic diseases is often a complicated, difficult, and expensive process. No two cats are alike. We will help you assess the practical and emotional challenges of your cat’s illness(es) along with your own schedule and budget constraints; then work within those parameters to help chart a course that provides the best quality of life for your cat and you.

Caring Chronic Disease Management

Drop-Off Appointments
Available for established clients, drop-off appointments allow us to get diagnostics and treatments started faster and help your cat feel better quicker.   Drop-off appointments can also be scheduled in advance for routine wellness evaluations, diagnostic procedures, dental work and more.  A ward fee is charged for cats who spend the day with us. Let us make your life easier – have your cat seen without missing work!

Senior Care
Because older cats are at higher risk for developing degenerative and chronic illness states, we advocate twice-yearly health evaluations for all cats 7 and over.  Our healthcare team is expert in the especially gentle care of older cats.

Our expert veterinarians provide all common soft-tissue surgical services such as spays, neuters, biopsies, mass removals, trauma remediation, and exploratory surgeries.  Specialty surgical procedures are referred to boarded surgical specialists.

Immunity Evaluation
All cats, even indoor cats, are safest when they maintain immunity to a short list of infectious diseases; however, vaccines carry their own dangers.  We evaluate both immunity and risk for each individual cat, and we do not vaccinate unless: a) it is necessary for a desired immunity, b) there are no contraindications (such as active disease processes), and c) you, as the cat parent, are in complete and fully-informed agreement.   We do not use adjuvanted vaccine products.

Immunity Evaluation

Pain Management
Pain is a terrible thing, and cats hide it well.  We are expert at identifying and alleviating your cat’s pain.  Relieving pain is not simply humane; it’s also good medicine, because pain interferes with healing.  We employ and recommend numerous modes of pain relief, from all walks of medicine, and we are dedicated to finding what works for your cat.

Hospice / End of Life Care
When “cure” is no longer an option; when the end is near but not quite here yet; we are here to help you keep your cat as comfortable as possible for as long as possible, both in the clinic and in your home.  

When the day comes to say goodbye, we offer a beautiful and private Comfort Room in which the entire family can gather.  We can also provide a peaceful euthanasia in your home.   We offer both private and group cremation services, and provide information for services such as witnessed cremation, burial, funerals and memorials.

Behavior Intervention
Undesirable feline behaviors can damage or even destroy the deep and loving bond between you and your cat.  We evaluate these behaviors, identifying and addressing medical causes if present, and providing behavioral and pharmacologic interventions where appropriate. 

Many behavioral problems cannot be accurately evaluated unless the veterinarian can understand the context by visiting your home.  We provide home visits for the best possible analysis of behavioral issues.

Cats have a natural fear of the strange; this is a positive survival trait, but it can make for a challenge in feline healthcare.  Many stress-prone feline patients benefit greatly from mild sedation for even such routine services as a wellness examination, blood drawing or other procedures.   Anxiety-relieving sedation is safe, humane, and often allows us to provide health care for cats who would otherwise simply go without.

Our state of the art digital X-ray equipment is available both in the hospital and in your home.  Our X-rays are read immediately on-site (“wet read”) and then reviewed by a board-certified radiologist. Digital Dental Radiology is performed separately in our Dental Suite as a routine part of every dental procedure.

Online Pharmacy
All your medicine refills can be mailed directly to your home or work through our online pharmacy service.   Medication refills are also available at the hospital for your convenience.

Medical Grooming
Cats with health problems often groom themselves poorly; veterinary attention may be required for severe matting,  thick or overgrown nails and other problems.  Many healthy cats require sedation for any form of grooming.  We provide medical grooming services to meet these needs.

Permanent Identification
Track your pet safely with embedded microchip identification. The injection process is similar to a routine shot and takes only a few seconds. Your pet will not react any more than he/she would to a vaccination. No anesthetic is required.

Hospitalization and Critical Care
Cats with severe illnesses will often benefit from a period of hospitalized care before being treated at home.  Hospitalization allows us to provide such treatments as IV fluids and IV drug therapy, temperature support, and oxygen administration, as well as close patient monitoring and rapid therapy adjustments. Patients requiring overnight critical care will be referred to a 24-hour specialty hospital.

2nd Opinions
Our feline friends are very precious to us. At Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center we are happy to provide a 2nd opinion on your kitty’s medical condition prior to determining a course of treatment.  Our years of experience dealing exclusively with cats give us a unique and often times critical eye with which to view medical test results.  

Get a qualified 2nd opinion on your feline's medical condition

We do not Declaw
Declawing of your feline friend is not a service we will offer. The latest studies on the subject conclusively show how declawing a cat leads to many long-term health issues … some debilitating leading to the cat’s premature death. If you are having behavior issues that is leading you to think of declawing your cat, there are often medical reasons for behaviors that once resolved can lead to a more compatible coexistence. (Note: All this said there are medical reasons for which we would remove a digit from a cat’s paw.)

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