Forms … So Much Information

Our doctors and technicians thrive on information.  The more information they have about you and your kitty companion the better they can do their job.  So while you may have a distaste for the tedium of forms, keep in mind that you are working for the betterment of your companion’s health!
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Which forms?

Simply find the section below that is right for you:


If you are a new client to our cat hospital, then…

1) Establishing Your Relationship with UCVC

Note: if we have previously treated one of your feline friends in the past then this would not apply to you. First, we need to establish a relationship between you and the team at Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center. These two forms get that ball rolling.


2) Establishing Kitty’s Relationship with UCVC

For each cat that you will be bringing to our hospital or will be seen at a mobile visit please complete the following form.

If you have visited our hospital before, but not with this cat, then…

1) Establishing Your Relationship with UCVC

This step should have already been completed as part of your prior visit with another of your feline companions.


2) Establishing Kitty’s Relationship with UCVC

For each new cat that you will be introducing to the UCVC staff, please complete the following forms:

Once your form(s) are complete we will receive a copy of your companion’s information and be in touch.  If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Your kitty thanks you for completing the forms.

If you have been asked to complete any special forms, then…

For kitty that is not good at using the litter box


For kitty that is vomiting or has diarrhea


Once complete, please send the forms to our staff at


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