Estimate Policy

We will incur no charges on your behalf, apart from the Office Visit fee (and the travel fee in the case of an in-home visit), until and unless you have reviewed, discussed and signed or verbally agreed to a detailed, written cost estimate, with the following exceptions:

  • Emergency presentations:  if your cat presents as an emergency, we will take any necessary immediate life-saving measures as the first priority, but we will also inform you regarding prognosis and estimated costs as quickly as possible.


  • Medical complications:  Should a life-threatening complication occur while a patient is hospitalized, we will take life-saving measures first and contact you as soon after as possible.  In the event of complications that are not immediately life-threatening but are likely to result in costs beyond the estimate, we will contact you as soon as possible with a report and an updated estimate.


  • If you have elected to not have us give you an estimate.


  • Follow-up blood pressures (not part of a Senior Wellness Visit):  Since blood pressures are best taken before any other handling occurs, the receptionist may give you a verbal estimate of the cost for that one service, and accept verbal approval for that particular cost.

The written estimate policy does not apply in situations where the cost is small, not subject to variation, and can be given verbally by the receptionist, such as individual item purchases (i.e.: medication refills, nail clippers) or tech service visits (i.e.: pedicure, mat shave); nor to regularly repeated services (i.e. a chemotherapy treatments, vitamin injections) wherein the cost is unchanged and already known.

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